— The leader yeti blowing a raspberry
Yetis and Minions
Yetis and the Minions
Hair color White (leader)
Ivory (other Yetis)

Minions (formerly)





The Yetis are characters in the film Minions. They are the former boss of the Minions.


The yetis are large and hairy creatures, and they have blue skin. They live in cold places, such as the snowy Minion Ice Cave. In the film, the leader of yetis has white hair over his body while the other yetis are ivory. In addition, the leader yeti is slightly bigger than other yetis.



After Kevin and his friends leave the Minion Ice Cave to find a boss, the rest of other minions still live in the cave. One day, the minions participate a soccer event, as usual, they are low-spirited. Suddenly a minion runs to the crowd and says that he has found a boss.

The Minions go to see, and what they see are four yetis living in the cave. The Minions are excited, but they are soon quieted down for waiting the leader yeti to speak. Though the yeti just blows a raspberry, the minions cheer.

Later, the leader yeti is impatient that he is waiting for the Minions. Then the Minions starts a big dance with singing Make 'em Laugh in Minionese as a celebration. The leader yeti and his three fellows are soon amused.

Meanwhile, Kevin calls back a minion through a phone. Kevin says that he found a new boss, but the minion replies that they had found a boss already and takes the phone toward to the celebration. At that moment, another minion blows a tuba, and the sound makes a block of ice from the ceiling break and hit the leader yeti, who is laughing at the performance; he is suddenly killed. Seeing this, the minion at the phone asks Kevin more about England and Scarlet.

Later, the Minion tribe are drived out by the remaining angry, roaring, and obstreperous yetis.


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