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Watch Epoxy Shooter

likely Anti-Villain League

Type Weapon

Able to shoot Mild Moose Tranquilizer Darts and epoxy
Stores an earpiece


Despicable Me 2

The Watch Epoxy Shooter is the Anti-Villain League agent Lucy Wilde's signature weapon. It is a multipurpose watch that can shoot epoxy, Mild Moose Tranquilizer Darts, and can also store a earpiece.


Lucy first utilizes her watch epoxy shooter against Pollito. Pollito is pinning down Gru and is about to attack Lucy, so Lucy acts quickly and traps the chicken in epoxy. A few minutes later she would fire epoxy again to stall Eduardo Perez by blinding him. A few days after Lucy uses the earpiece in the watch to spy on Shannon and Gru at Zarelli's. When Shannon discovers Gru is a "phony", Lucy fires a mild moose tranquilizer dart to sedate his rowdy date.



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