Villain Island
Villain island
Type Island
Location In a tropical ocean
Appearances Minions Paradise

Villain Island is a location in Minions Paradise.


In the center of the island sits a volcano with some molten lava. The island is separated into two parts and each of them has some recreation equipment.

When the player's level in Minions Paradise reaches 20, the island can be unlocked. And the story of villains can also be unlocked if the player completed the requests have been completed.

Just like in the origin island, player have to help the villains for some requests, but the villain would disappear once their requests has been completed. Kevin is the only minion on the island, once the island is unlocked, he would be there and never leaves the island, and he also has requests need to be done.

As of the update in October 25, 2016, Villain Lair is moved to Villain Island as a part of it; the volcano becomes higher and the original lava is replaced to the green Radioactive Lava.


  • It's unknown why the villains are also in the island after the wreck.
  • The villains were once removed from the island after the player finished their quests, but later they are restored to the island.


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