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Vector's Rescue Airship
Screenshot 2016-02-03-14-14-28
Vector's Rescue Airship flying above clouds


Type Airship

helping Vector to escape from his house


Despicable Me

The Vector's Rescue Airship is an alternative dirigible owned by Vector.

Appearance and Abilities

The airship is second known airship of Vector's (the first one is Vector's Airship), and it is hidden as a part of the roof of Vector's House. It can be activated by Vector under urgent circumstances.

The airship is white, and the top is a part of sphere and at the bottom is a half of two-sheet hyperboloid with the end of an exhaust. Much like the previous one, the entire ship does not seem to be stable.


Despicable Me

Vector fools Felonius Gru to give him the shrunken Moon to release his kidnapped adoptive daughters in return, and he wants to destroy Gru by missles but failed. Out of horror, he clicked a button and activate the rescue airship, which takes him away.

Little does Vector know that the effect of SR-6, the shrink ray, is limited. So the Moon begins to recover to its original size; at first it affects the navigation of the airship, and eventually the Moon crushed the airship into pieces. In the end, Vector is stranded on the Moon.


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