So it's been a while since I've retired from this wiki, and judging from the title of this blog, I think I'm returning! And judging the question mark, I think it's a maybe. Wait, I know! It's my blog! Anyways, yes, I'm returning. Yes, it's a maybe. So I'm giving the return a try and if it doesn't work out, I'll have a forever retirement but if it does work out, I'll stay. So if you want me to stay, make me feel comfortable on this wiki. That's all I need to say! Bye!

P.S I'm not a hacker or a poser, I know my typing is different. I just decided to change the way I type because I got teased for typing like that more than I got teased for liking The Wiggles (which is, now, my only flaw). Plus, if I was a hacker, I would be posting things like "I LIKE THE WIGGLES BECAUSE I'M A BABY" and other things I shouldn't say. That's all for the P.S. Bye, again!

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