Guys after I go to Youtube and searching "Polandball Wiki FANDOM",If found a video about Polandball Wiki Song Contests.So I wanted to make Despicable Me Wiki great again,so I planned to make "DMWSC (Despicable Me Wiki Song Contests)".

NOTICE : this idea has been disabled beacuse of no helper of founder until Oct 6.

It will posted at Water Cooler Board,the first contests will posted at tomorrow.So please stanby.

Full info about DMWSC

It was a games that very similar to the votings, but all is about song votes.It was mean I write the song titles and the country where singer born, you just write the song titles at the notes and go to Youtube search it.If you found one songs that we're very nice, please tell it at the DMWSC threads.But every threads of DMWSC had the start date and end date.

Things you can do in DMWSC threads

1.Said the songs that you feel it was greatest.

2.Said everything similar to DMWSC.

3.Respect another users.

Things that never do at DMWSC threads

1.Cursing/Send death threats for another users.

2.Said another things. (Example:Minions are cute)

Be fun at DMWSC threads!

I hope DMWSC will make you happy when you're sad, dark or angry.

Anyways,Have fun at DMWSC threads!The first threads will published at September 29.

Twenty One Plotis (talk) 14:32, September 28, 2017 (UTC)

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