Bello to everyone!

I'm currently checking which articles are missing related to the Minions movie, as well articles which content can be expanded. So I can expect them to be finished before DM3 gets a teaser trailer (or using another time measure, before Secret Life of Pets premiers)

One point I've noticed, is that so far we only got one location related to the movie (Villain-Con), and I'm not sure which locations add, my dobuts spawn from most locations are related being London's historical places, I've made a list so far...

  • Villain-Con
  • Scarlet's Castle
  • Tower of London (?)
  • Buckingham Palace (?)
  • Wesminster Abbey (?)

And I dunno if I should add more locations to it, I hope we're able to disscus it on the comments.

Kinda dumb to write a blog, specially when I'm listening to metal

Molothrus Aeneus Non plus ultra. 04:25, December 15, 2015 (UTC)

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