Yello minions, and I'd like to discuss how much this wiki has done in just these first 2 months of 2014. Here's what we've done so far:

  • SJenson became a Featured Wikian.
  • Despicable Me Wiki was featured on the Wikia Spotlight.
  • Phil-Bot became the first fully functioning bot on Despicable Me Wiki. Hopefully Mike-Bot's script will be fixed soon! :)
  • The Patroler right was added to the wiki.
  • The wordmark (Currently not in use due to the decoration for Valentine's Day) was updated to seem more fitting.
  • Despicable Me Wiki created a Twitter account!
  • Former admin Tiff or Nick made a surprise visit. He can be found on MaintaenanceRequired.

We've gotten so much happen in two months, who knows what else is bound to happen. As Tom Petty said:

The sky, was the limit
— Tom Petty

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