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This article has not been given a name, as such, the name Tyrannosaurus Rex, is purely conjectural.
Tyrannosaurus Rex
T. rex
The Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Minions
Gender Unknown
Eye color Black




The Tyrannosaurus Rex is a minor character seen at the beginning of Minions, it was the first master of the Minions after the tribe's landing.



After the Minions left the sea, a T. Rex crushed an Amphibian creature at the beach, the last master of Minions in the ocean, so the Minions regarded T. Rex at their new master. Soon, many Minions climbed on the T. Rex's body and remaining Minions followed it, which made it pleased about these new creatures it found.

Two Minions found a banana tree under a large rock and one of them picked a banana, which triggered the rock rolling down from the hill and brought the T. Rex to the edge of a lava pit. At last, thanks to one of the falling Minions bumped into the rock, it fell into the lava so the Minions left for new master.

In the post-credit, its appearance scares away all characters from the stage, except young Gru. The dinosaur roars and Gru finally notices it, and he tries to shoot it by the Freeze Ray but the weapon jams.


  • The dinosaur can be seen again in a commercial video for GoPro based of the The Secret Life of Pets; in the video, Sweetpea flies in front of the television which is playing a scene with an alley full of hung clothes, and he hides himself into his cage when he sees the dinosaur.


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