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This character or material has only appeared in non-canon material (such as games, etc.) and is not related to the main story.

Traveling Sales Minion
Captain Minion
Full Name Traveling Sales Minion
Ability Sells exessive items
Description The minion often appears and asking if the user needs to sell crafts

The Traveling Sales Minion is a character in the mobile game Minions Paradise.


He is an one-eyed minion with a captain outfit.

At first the minion sailed the cruise of minions at holiday, as seen in the intro video. Yet, his operation was disturbed by careless minion Phil, who slided around and caused havoc and also bumped into the sailing minion. At last, the cruise crushed against a rock and it's destroyed.

So the minion has to flee on a deserted island, where Minions Paradise locates. After then, he acts as a merchant across the island and outside world. Though he doesn't appear everytime but he often do.


Usually, a white bubble with a tag inside it spawns near Phil's Bar, indicates that there is a available trade that allows to exchange items for Sand Dollars. He walks out from the bar, and he can pay Sand Dollars for a variety of items, often those with greatest number in the Storage.

In early gameplay of a player, the minion also offer sales for Sand Dollars or buildings if the player lacks either one of them, but they are offered by real money. Nevertheless, when the level of the game increases, the minion gives some random crafts for one to complete favors from the Celebration Station, along with a Doubloon sale of limited time.


  • If the player spends some items while the Traveling Sales Minions gives a sale exceeds the actual remaining number of it, it'll have a red cross in the offer. The sale can be done, but the player needs to pay Doubloons.


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