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Tim (center)

Tim (left)

Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Occupation Henchmen
Appearances Despicable Me
Despicable Me 2
Voiced by Chris Renaud

Tim is one of Gru's Minions.


In Despicable Me, Tim is a tall two-eyed minion with Sprout Cut Hair He is usually seen dressed as a dad. In Despicable Me 2, he became bald. He is seen wearing a beard and a tie.


Despicable Me

Tim is one of the minions who is asked to buy Agnes a new unicorn (with Mark and Phil). When he went to the Grocery store, he tried the massaging chair. Then, he and Phil joined Mark to sing Copacabana.Tim also appeared in the scene when he stole the Shrink Ray.

Despicable Me 2

Tim appears when Gru announces his new job with Dave and Stuart. He is later seen with Gru, at the mall where he give him the recipe for the cupcakes they needed to make at Bake My Day. Tim was also seen among the other minions that kidnaped by the ice cream track and taken back to El Macho's.

Tim is at the gate of El Macho's lair as Evil Minion where he and other brainwashed minions started to look at Dave and Stuart, then when they accidentally rubbed off the paint they had on and found out they imposters Tim and rest of the Evil Minions chase after Gru and the two normal minions, Tim along other Evil Minions climbed up on one of the towers and closing in on Gru when all the sudden Tim and more Evil Minions are blasted by Dr. Nefario's jelly and turning them all back to normal.

He is last seen at Gru and Lucy's wedding where he was later he also dresses as a police man in Y.M.C.A.


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