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The Moon

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The Moon
Gru planning to steal the moon
Type Natural satellite
Location Outer space
Appearances Despicable Me
Despicable Me 2
Minion Rush (as an item)
Next, we are going to steal...pause for effect... the Moon!
— Felonius Gru

The Moon is Earth's natural satellite.


The first moon landing happened in 1969. Felonius Gru watched this historic moment with his mother and was inspired by the landing to go to outer space.


Despicable Me

Gru, along with Dr. Nefario, had formulated a plan to steal the Moon years before the supervillain adopts Margo, Edith, and Agnes. When Vector, a supervillain rival, steals the Pyramid of Giza, Gru reveals the devious plan that had been formulated for several years. Gru steals the Moon with the shrink ray, which comically stops tidal waves for surfers and reverts a werewolf to normal. But Gru is forced to give it to Vector in exchange for the girls who are kidnapped by him. However, Vector kept both the Moon and the girls, causing Gru to storm his lair. Vector, shocked to see Gru break through all his defenses, attempts to escape in an escape pod.

At the same time, the Moon begins to expand, but Gru manages to get Margo, Edith and Agnes out of the ship. The Moon expands extremely rapidly, destroying Vector's escape pod and leaving Vector trapped on the moon (along with a Minion who drank the anti-gravity serum).

Despicable Me 2

Silas Ramsbottom and El Macho recall the moon heist several times when interacting with Gru.

Minion Rush

Minion Rush The Moon

Advertisement of a Minion collecting blue stars on The Moon. Some red meteors can also be seen in the picture.

The Moon appears in a recent update as a power-up available in Minion Rush currently. Once purchased, the Moon will appear throughout the game. If the player happen runs into it, they will be warped onto the Moon and will be able to collect blue stars within a time limit. This time limit increases with each upgrade, allowing players to collect more stars as they go along. After the time limit runs out, the player will be warped back to their current location. All collected stars will be added into the points section, making it much easier to beat high scores. However, red meteors will fall onto the moon during the power-up. Running into these not only greatly slows down the player (wasting time), but also causes the player to lose points for collecting blue stars. The Moon is currently the most expensive power-up to upgrade with bananas


  •  Points boosted = constant 45 points per star x despicable score multiplier 
  •  Points lost = points boosted - (constant 450 points per red meteor x despicable score multiplier) 


  • In Minion Rush, the Moon, along with the Fluffy UnicornGru's Rocket and the Mega Minion, occasionally will spawn right in front of an obstacle (due to the fact that they warp the player to a minigame, unlike other items). Therefore, if the player misses these items, it will result in crashing into the obstacle behind it and failing the run.
  • In Update 2.0.1. (the Jelly Lab Update), the Moon must be unlocked (if not unlocked previously) on level 28. 


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