The Pyramids
Minion Rush Pyramid
Full Name The Pyramids
Available Yes
Secret area Sand Slides

The Pyramids is a location in Despicable Me: Minion Rush. It is the fifteenth location to be featured in the game and was introduced in update 3.8.0. The location is based off of the Great Pyramid of Giza in the beginning of Despicable Me.


The location is one of the few game locations that features in Despicable Me (the others being Super Silly Fun Land and Vector's Fortress).

The whole surroundings is in a desert with lots of pyramids and oases. Obstacles featured in this location include: obelisks, wooden platforms, and dust storms as high obstacles; construction signs and short pillars as small obstacles, and standing/falling mummies and some stalls also act as additional obstacles. In addition, goat-shape sculptures sometimes spring and hit minions between lanes.

This location also features two secret areas. One is a giant slide that made of two parts, and the appearance strongly resembles the one in Minion Beach; the other one is the pyramid, with two Banana Splitters and two Banana Vacuums (similar to Downtown), and before the minion leaves, he can see a pharaoh's seat and he steps on a mummy that resembles Tutankhamun's.


  • In a beginning of the run, the bus which Justin and his family were at can be seen and the minion steps on the top of it.
  • When the minion is sliding, the sphinxes at the background resembles Dr. Nefario and Gru.
  • When the Minions run into the sandstorm, they are dragged into it, thrown up to the air and then fall.


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