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— Stuart



Stuart in Minions

Eye color Brown
Occupation Henchmen
Appearances Despicable Me
Despicable Me 2


Voiced by Pierre Coffin

Stuart is one of the Minions.


Stuart is a one-eyed short Minion with combed hair.


Stuart is playful and funny. He is skillful at video games like Dave. He can also be the most sincere and innocent out of all the minions.


Despicable Me

Stuart and Jerry are asked by Gru to watch Margo, Edith, and Agnes, and keep them away from him. Ultimately, he ends up playing with the girls, throwing toilet paper around in the living room. He is also seen moaning and cheering when Gru talks briefly about bedtime.

Despicable Me 2


Stuart pretending to be Superman

Stuart, alongside Phil, are cleaning up from Agnes' party when they see Gru being abducted by Phil being operated from Lucy - using Phil  when they get to the AVL. Stuart makes fun of the AVL's director, Silas Ramsbottom, because he has a last name similar to the word butt in the end.

Haha starfish

Stuart with a Starfish on his head.

Stuart is present along with Dave when Gru works undercover as the owner of a cupcake shop in the Paradise Mall. Stuart disguises as a girl, though his dress gets ripped , which forces him to hide in a flower pot.

Stuart is with the rest of the Minions, having an ice cream party, when Gru arrives and asks him and Dave to come with him.

When Gru and Lucy are investigating Eduardo's restaurant Salsa & Salsa, Stuart is waiting by the car outside together with Dave. When Dave gets the call from Gru to rescue him and Lucy, Dave acts right away, crashing through the malls entrance (Dave is the one steering the car and Stuart pushing the accelerator), Dave and Stuart miss to pull over for Gru and Lucy twice but saving them in time before Eduardo caught them. Lucy opens the car door and is greeted by Dave and Stuart (who seems to have a crush on her as well, as shown when he pushes the accelerator).

It is possible that Stuart is the minion Gru is practicing with, when he wants to ask Lucy out on a date.

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Gru driving to rescue Lucy

After Dr. Nefario tells Gru that Eduardo have kidnapped Lucy, Gru picks Stuart and Dave – who are at the middle of a video game – to follow him to rescue Lucy.

Gru disguises Stuart and Dave in purple paint to escort his "captured" self into Eduardo's compound in a rescue attempt. However, the plan fails due to Dave ruining his own disguise (by attempting to communicate with the Evil Minions). When they are surrounded by those evil minions, Dr. Nefario along with the girls arrived to the scene and fire antidote at the evil minions to revert them into normal minions.

Dave flirting
  He appears at the end for the trailer for the upcoming Minions movie along with Kevin and Bob.


  • He is one of the few minions who aren't kidnapped by Eduardo.
  • He and Dave both had a crush on Lucy Wilde.
  • Stuart will be one of the main characters along with Kevin and Bob in Minions.


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