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State Prison
State prison
Type Prison
Location Unknown
Appearances Despicable Me 3

State Prison was the prison where Minions go at Despicable Me 3,it had unknown location.


Despicable Me 3

All of the Minions(expect Jerry and Dave) where sended to State Prison beacuse they entering Mondial Productions headquarters without premissions, and they bullied lots of the prisoners at prison.So when prisoners saw Minions, they will escape and back to their rooms.When they we're take a shower, Mel was sounded the good happens made by Felonius Gru before they leaved Gru.While, they we're have a lunch, Mel made Gru's head by foods (looks like potato), And he was show the project to other minions, and minions keep throwing dishes and bowls.They planned to be Henchman of Felonius Gru again, so they made the air balloon and escaped State Prison.

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