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Silas Ramsbottom

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Silas Ramsbottom
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown

Head of the Anti-Villain League


Despicable Me 2

Voiced by

Steve Coogan

So thank you for everything. And by everything, of course, I mean nothing.
— Silas Ramsbottom, to Felonius Gru

Silas Ramsbottom is the director of the Anti-Villain League and the boss of Agent Lucy Wilde. and is argubly a secondary antagonist.


Silas Ramsbottom is a plump, brunet man with a brown striped suit, striped brown pants, a white collar shirt, and a blue necktie. His accent suggests that he may have originated from England. It is unknown what his abilities are and how he became the director of the AVL.


Despicable Me 2


Unable to identify the thief of the PX-41 serum, Silas Ramsbottom orders Agent Lucy Wilde to bring Gru in.

When Lucy Wilde brings Gru, Tom and Stuart to the Anti-Villain League headquarters, Silas Ramsbottom introduces Gru to the organization. He introduces himself, which causes the two Minions to burst with laughter due to his name Ramsbottom, which resembles "bottom". He orders Lucy Wilde to explain to Gru what happened and a video about the PX-41. Gru does not accept the job.

Silas Ramsbottom later has a discussion with Gru and Lucy in the AVL headquarters. Gru, during this meeting, because of Margo falling in love with Antonio, adamantly insists to Ramsbottom that the one who stole the serum is El Macho. Silas – confused – points out in frustration that the claim is baseless without any evidence. Lucy intervenes and tells Ramsbottom the duo discovered the PX-41 serum in Floyd Eagle-san's possession. Gru leaves flustered and Ramsbottom remains annoyed by the entire meeting.


The next morning, Silas and his agents arrest Floyd Eaglesan after finding traces of PX-41 serum in Eagle Hair Club. Ramsbottom informs Gru that Lucy will be transferred to the AVL's Australian branch and tells him he can go back to his lane of jams and jellies.

Silas later attends the wedding of Gru and Lucy. He is dancing with Natalie when the crowd dances to YMCA.


  • Silas pointed out that if Gru hadn't retired after the Moon heist, he would have been a League Target.
  • Silas has a butler that appears giving him tea while he is introducing Gru to the Anti-Villain-League.
  • Most of the time, Silas act rude towards Gru, possibly because of the fact Gru was a villain.
    • An example is when Gru hasn't even finished talking about being taken into the AVL, he immediately talks about the AVL without hesitation.
    • Another example is when Gru found the PX-41 serum in Floyd Eaglesan's store, he thanks him for "nothing", even though Gru is the one who found the serum.
    • He also possibly moved Lucy to Australia without even asking her, as Lucy would stay if she is asked to be moved (because of Gru).
    • He openly mocked Gru's line of jams and jellies, which he hasn't even tasted nor seen yet.
  • Gru calls him Mr. Sheepsbutt, because a ram is a male sheep, and bottom means butt.


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