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Gender Female
Hair color Blonde

Despicable Me 2

Voiced by

Kristen Schaal

Shannon is a friend of Jillian, the latter whom hooks her up with Gru.


Shannon is rude, insatiable, nonchalant and hateful. Apparently, she doesn't like fake people or "phonies". She loves sports and exercising, and is athletic.


Shannon has fair skin, straight blond hair, brown eyes, pink eye shadow, and red lipstick. She wears a leopard print dress with heels, and is very skinny, with a rather large behind.


On their date, she becomes angered when she finds out that Gru is a 'phony' (he is wearing a wig), as she hates "phonies." When she reaches to rip the wig off of Gru's head, Lucy Wilde shoots a moose tranquilizer at her behind, which causes her to pass out and land her face in her plate of spaghetti. One of the employees at the restaurant is worried that Shannon is not enjoying the food, but Lucy tells a lie that she had been drinking too much. Turning back to Gru, Lucy suggests that they should take Shannon home. 

When Gru is putting Shannon in the front seat, they realize that the three of them cannot all fit, so they tie Shannon to the top of the car. At Shannon's home, Lucy stops the car so rapidly Shannon detaches from the ceiling and flies into another car. Gru and Lucy lay Shannon on the porch and sit in front of her for a while, talking, and before they say goodbye to each other, Lucy kisses Gru on the cheek. It's unknown if Gru left Shannon outside her house or if he helped her inside. Shannon is shown at the end of the movie, as a guest of Gru and Lucy's wedding.



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