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The Red Crosses[1] (commonly referred as Red Zones) are an item appear in the game Despicable Me: Minion Rush. They are gray metal tiles with glowing red crosses on lanes and act as high-difficulty obstacles.

Once the player progressed far enough when running, red crosses appear in the way and the background becomes the theme of red. These crosses must be avoided by jumping over them, if a cross is run over by the minion, these crosses will emit eletric shock and the game ends.


Most of the time, other moving obstacles tend to appear simultaneously and thus build up the difficulty of the game. Between the crosses, some springboards often appear as a shortcut to avoid red crosses.

Other than avoiding the red crosses, there are also some alternative ways to deal with them, such as picking up Gru's Rockst, Golden Shield or using PX-41 Serum, while the Freeze Ray is disabled when the zone is present.

Additionally, where red crosses appear are counted as secret area.

Also, the area in the arctic Base has a snowstorm instead of the red theme,



  1. The name is given in an answer to Frequently Asked Questions, Customer Care of the game: "The red crosses are just new high-difficulty obstacles. You are definitely very skilled if you got far enough to see them! Note that while running through these tracks, you'll need to jump over the red crosses. Sometimes you'll see green springboards among them that will let you jump higher and pass the area."