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Phil (Despicable Me 2)

Last edited on March 17, 2014
by Cdskl
"Oh Bello!"
— Phil
Phil the Maid

Occupation Henchman
  • Gru
  • Dr. Nefario
  • Minions
  • Margo
  • Edith
  • Agnes
  • El Macho (when he was mutated)
  • El Macho
  • Dr. Nefario (when he worked for El Macho)
Appearances Despicable Me 2
Voiced by Pierre Coffin

Phil is one of the Minions.


Phil is a two-eyed minion with buzz-cut hair and is usually seen dressed up as a maid with a red feather duster or a vacuum cleaner.


Despicable Me 2

Phil is vacuuming in the foyer and then the doorbell rang. He checked who it is, then it is El Macho. He is happy at first and said "Oh Bello", but El Macho kidnapped him and took him in a bag. He is taken to El Macho's Secret Lair.

He is also seen at the beach greeting Steve.

Appearances in Other Medias

Minion Rush

Phil is the Maid and Baby minion.

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Chiquita Stickers

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  • It is unknown whether if the minion dressed as a maid is Phil or Tom (possibly its both).
  • Since Kevin called the maid minion Tom, it is likely that Tom is the first minion to be mutated into an Evil Minion.
  • Phil is seen dressed up as a maid through the entire movie.
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