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Opening title
Panic in the Mailroom
Film information
Film Despicable Me 2
Release date December 10, 2013

Panic in the Mailroom is a short film that is attached to the home release of Despicable Me 2.


The Minions Mike and Ken are busy at work in the mailroom. Ken, bored, decides to throw a box of expired PX-41 samples into its designated chute. The box explodes, which mutates Mike to some extent. The infected Minion mutates back forth between his normal body and his PX-41 enhanced body. This leads to trouble when three kittens end up in a box headed towards the mailroom. Ken manages to keep the kittens out of Mike's hands. Mike sneezes out the PX-41 out of his bloodstream, but the mutagen lands on the kittens, perhaps spelling certain doom for Mike and Ken.


  • The kittens that appear in this short apparently were kidnapped a few months before, as shown in Training Wheels.
  • This is the only short that doesn't feature any one-eyed minions.
  • The short takes place in the December of 2013, as shown on the calendar behind Mike. This was also when the short was released.
  • This is the only mini movie to date when an Evil Minion appears.
  • The kittens are the third animal species to be mutated by PX-41 (the first one was the rabbit and the second species were Gru's Minions in Despicable Me 2).
  • The font used for the title and credits is the same font used for the Angry Birds logo.
  • This is one of the few mini-movies that minion(s) are mentioned by name (the other one is Orientation Day).


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