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PX-41 Antidote
Nefario holding PX-41 Antidote

Dr. Nefario

Type Serum

Counteracts the effects caused by PX-41


Despicable Me 2

The PX-41 Antidote is the only known antidote for the PX-41 serum. Invented by Dr. Nefario, it is used to change the Evil Minions back to regular Minions.


This antidote is first tested on Kevin when he, as an Evil Minion, is attacking Margo, Edith, and Agnes. It is then spread over the remaining supply of the newest jelly in Mr. Gru's Old Fashioned Jelly line.

Using the newly created Jelly Gun's and a modified version of Gru's Airship, the PX-41 Antidote is successfully adminstered to all the captured Minions.


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