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El Macho is about to drink the PX-41



Turns any living things in the world into a purple, furry, indestructible killing machine.


Despicable Me 2 Panic in the Mailroom

Other info

Used on a rabbit, Minions (see Evil Minions) ,Eduardo, and the three kittens on the mailroom of Gru's.

The PX-41 is a very dangerous mutagen engineered in the top secret PX-Labs, located in the Arctic Circle. It is capable of turning any living things in the world into a purple, furry, indestructible, mindless, killing machine that is so dangerous that it can destroy anything in its path. The effects of the serum can be counteracted by PX-41 Antidote, an antidote serum that was invented by Dr. Nefario.


  • It is unknown what happened with the rabbit that was mutated into a purple monster rabbit and the three kittens in the mailroom of Gru's that is mutated to purple kittens.
  • The only two ways to turn into a purple monster is to inject it or drink it.
  • The serum can turn the one who drank it or injected it big or like the Evil Minion, long arms and bushy hair.
  • The serum's only known antidote is PX-41 Antidote.
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