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El Macho is about to drink the PX-41



Turns any living things in the world into a purple, furry, indestructible killing machine.


Despicable Me 2
Panic in the Mailroom
Minion Rush (as an item)

Other info

Used on a rabbit, Minions (see Evil Minions), Eduardo, and the three kittens on the mailroom of Gru's.

The PX-41 is a very dangerous mutator engineered in the top secret PX-Labs, located in the Arctic Circle. It is capable of turning any living things in the world into a purple, furry, indestructible, mindless, killing machine that is so dangerous that it can destroy anything in its path. The effects of the serum can be counteracted by PX-41 Antidote, an antidote serum that was invented by Dr. Nefario.

In Minion Rush

The PX-41 appeared as a new item in a recent update for Minion Rush, the same update that introduced Super Silly Fun Land. Unlike other items, it does not spawn during runs, however, an icon resembling a chemical bottle with purple liquid can be seen on the bottom left corner of the screen. When this is tapped, the player's Minion becomes an Evil Minion. They can then run around frantically destroying anything for a few seconds. While running, all items turn into small chemical bottles of purple liquid, which increase the time to run by 3 seconds per bottle. Also, each Despicable Action caused by destroying obstacles while using the PX41, greatly increases their Despicable Multiplier rapidly. Therefore, if the PX41 is used in an area where lots of obstacles spawn at one time, the player will rapidly increase his Despicable Multiplier to levels such as 6 or higher. This can come in handy when trying to collect fruits for Despicable Action quests in the Jelly Lab, along with the Freeze Ray and Mega Minion. Even though this may seem like fun and games, here are the downfalls of using this item. After using the PX-41, players will have to wait 11 hours for it to be able to be used again. Also, the PX-41, much like the Minion Launcher, can only be upgraded using tokens. The PX-41, along with the Freeze RayBanana SplitterBanana VacuumMinion Shield and Minion Launcher is one of the few items that does not allow the player to tilt the screen in order to use. 



  • It is unknown what happened with the rabbit that was mutated into a purple monster rabbit and the three kittens in the mailroom of Gru's that is mutated to purple kittens.
  • The only two ways to turn into a purple monster is to inject it or drink it.
  • The serum can turn the one who drank it or injected it big or like the Evil Minion, long arms and bushy hair.
  • The serum's only known antidote is PX-41 Antidote.
  • Due to various complaints about tapping the PX-41's icon accidentally in Minion Rush and activating it, the icon has been moved to the top left of the screen in a recent update. 
  • The mutated rabbit can also be seen in Minion Rush, and the accurate place is in the secret area, PX Lab, of a location The Arctic Base.
  • Despite turning anyone or thing it is injected or swallowed into a mass of destruction, a PX-41 mutated subject is not completely indestructible, in fact, as shown in Despicable Me 2, PX-41 Mutated subjects have three major weaknesses:
    • High-pitched noise. As shown by a evil Kevin, PX-41 subjects are weak to high-pitched noise such as Agnes's scream. When she unleashed it when evil Kevin was about to eat her unicorn doll, Kevin was in obvious pain and was dazed and confused for several seconds afterwards, allowing Margo and Agnes to escape.
    • Shown by a mutated El-Macho, a concussive electric shock can knock a PX-41 subject out, such as (Lucy's) lipstick taser fired by Gru. Although a mutated subject recovers much faster than regular humans (Gru after being zapped).
    • Again, as demonstrated by a mutated El-Macho, a PX-41 subject can be completely knocked unconscious by Dr. Nefario's Fart Gun due to the fact not only their muscle, size and aggression are increased during the mutation, but also their sense of smell since when Gru gave Nefario a "21-fart gun salute" (actually, 22), the noxious cloud only cause Gru and Nefario to cough while a single fart cloud completely knocked out a mutated El-Macho.
  • As shown in El-Macho's lair, a certain type of metal (El-Macho used it to make the cages holding the evil minions) can hold and prevent mutated subjects (at least evil minions) from escaping. It is not known how El-Macho was able to get such metal.

Upgrades (Minion Rush)

  • With the first row of upgrades the duration of the PX-41 can be increased to a total of 30 seconds.
  • The second row of upgrades adds a Despicable Score Multiplier bonus of 1x per upgrade level after each use.

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