That one is Norbert, he's an idiot
— Narrator
Screenshot 2016-07-21-12-46-24-1
Norbert (middle)
Eye color Brown


Appearances Minions
Voiced by Pierre Coffin

Norbert is one of the Minions that appears in the film Minions.



Norbert follows his tribe out of the ocean only to realize that he is naked. He runs back into the water and comes back out wearing starfishes on his chest. The narrator then states that he is an idiot. When the Minions see a T. Rex, one of the starfishes falls down.

He is later seen in the credit when the Minions chase after Gru and the banana. Norbert stumbles and finds out that the starfishes slide away again, so he put them back to his chest, and continues running for the banana, though he's the last one.


  • He appears with his seaweed-made goggles and crude clothing. It's unclear why he hasn't changed his costume when he's seen in the credits, though it would be hard to live in various locations the Minions have lived, such as the Minion Ice Cave.



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