Mrs. Wiggins
Performer: Jenny Slate
Species Human
Gender Female

Ted Wiggins (son)

Grammy Norma (mother)

The Once-ler (father)

Isabella (grandmother)

Brett and Chet (uncles)

Grizelda (great aunt)

Ubb (great uncle)

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown

Mrs. Wiggins is Ted's mother.


Mrs. Wiggins wears a big round afro and Round shaped glasses, with a long sleeve shirt with a ruffles in the neck and a dress with white overlapping circular shapes in it.


She is very helpful, protective, enthusiastic, thoughtful, charming, honest, kind, authentic, compassionate, so she loves disco and everything beautiful. She owns a red car that she uses to trick Aloysius O'Hare in the Thneedville highway. She is a loving, grateful, empathetic, appreciative, rapturous, and caring mother for Ted Wiggins and she supports him in planting the last Truffula seed that The Once-ler gives him.



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