Moon Rush

The Moon is a power-up in Despicable Me: Minion Rush.

Minion Rush

Minion Rush The Moon

Advertisement of a Minion collecting blue stars on The Moon. Some red meteors can also be seen in the picture.

The Moon appears since an update in 2014 as a power-up available in Minion Rush. Once purchased, the Moon will be one of the random power-ups that appears throughout the game.

If the player happen runs into it, they will be warped onto the Moon and will be able to collect blue stars within a time limit. This time limit increases with each upgrade, allowing players to collect more stars as they go along. After the time limit runs out, the player will be warped back to their current location.

All collected stars will be added into the points section, making it much easier to beat high scores. However, red meteors will fall onto the moon during the power-up. Running into these not only greatly slows down the player (wasting time), but also causes the player to lose points for collecting blue stars. The Moon is currently the most expensive power-up to upgrade with bananas


  • With the first row of upgrades the duration of the Moon(walk) can be increased to a total of 35 seconds.
  • The second row of upgrades adds a Despicable Score Multiplier bonus of 1x per upgrade level after each use.

Score Calculation

  • Points boosted = constant 45 points per star x despicable score multiplier 
  • Points lost = points boosted - (constant 450 points per red meteor x despicable score multiplier) 



  • In Minion Rush, the Moon, along with the Fluffy UnicornGru's Rocket and the Mega Minion, occasionally will spawn right in front of an obstacle (due to the fact that they warp the player to a minigame, unlike other items). Therefore, if the player misses these items, it will result in crashing into the obstacle behind it and failing the run.
  • In Update 2.0.1. (the Jelly Lab Update), the Moon must be unlocked (if not unlocked previously) on level 28. 
  • For some reason, the Moon looks nothing like the real Moon, with exaggerated craters and lacking its maria. It is also noticeably smaller than the real Moon and orbits much closer to Earth than in real life. However, the Moon in the backgrounds of some settings taking place at night (like Pier 12, Eduardo's House, and the AVL's bonus area), the Moon has a more realistic appearance.