Holiday quest example

The first special mission, Holiday Quest

The Special Mission is a game mode existing in the mobile video game Minion Rush.


In early versions of Minion Rush, there was a kind of limited-time event that asked the player to collect items for prizes, and the method to complete such events is similar to that of Subway Surfers.

In the update 2.5.0 on December 8th, 2015, Gameloft introduced a new location, The Arctic Base, and a brand new special mission called Holiday Quest.

From then on, a series of similar missions start in each following update and the common features of them are:

  • It appears before level 1 of Jelly Lab (but it doesn't mean the mission needs to be done before entering the Jelly Lab; in fact, the player needs to gain enough Despicable Multiplier to participate in the missions).
  • There are 3 stages and 16 parts in each mission.

Since the "Piggy Power" mission, one can play a mission multiple times to claim more rewards. The mission consists of 2 or 3 ‘“Laps”’ with 3 stages and 16 parts in each Lap.


The collection items appear relatively frequently in the early stages, but less frequently in the later stages. The special items for the Props or mini-games, later switched to Fevers, are awarded daily and as prizes for intermediate stages, or they can be purchased with tokens. The optimal approach is to save all the items for the last stage, and to use them with a costume that:

- Extends the Prop time such as the Lucy Minion Costume or Vampire Minion Costume

- Increases the amount of Fevers like the Skater Costume or

- Increases the fever length like the the Spy or Singer Costume

Given the choice of a Prop or an item just beyond it, it's usually quicker just to grab the Prop rather than take the time in the mini-game to get the item.

Once all of the items needed for a particular part of a stage have been collected, no additional items will appear, so it's best to use the Props or Fevers when there are still plenty of items left to be collected.


The following list are about the missions that have/had been held so far.

# Mission Date Location Prop/
Main Prize Costume Market Costume
1 Holiday Quest 2014.12.08 - 2014.12.29 The Arctic Base Snowboard Snowboarder
2 Wedding Party 2015.02.10 - 2015.03.16 Minion Park Skateboard Cupid
3 April Fool's Prank 2015.03.25 - 2015.04.27 Eduardo's House BMX Bike Mariachi
4 Spring Is Back! 2015.05.06 - 2015.06.08 Residential Area Minion Glider Jogger
5 Extreme Sports 2015.06.23 - 2015.07.27 Super Silly Fun Land (all the above) Tourist
6 Minion Safari 2015.08.06 - 2015.09.07 The Volcano Motocross Hunter
7 Back To School 2015.09.17 - 2015.10.19 The Mall Scooter Grandpa
8 Horror Night Party 2015.11.04 - 2015.12.07 Anti-Villain League Minion Submarine Vampire
9 Festive Festivites 2015.12.16 - 2016.01.25 The Arctic Base Minion Sled Snowboarder
10 Romance for All 2016.01.28 - 2016.03.27 Minion Park Roller Skates Cupid
11 Trickster Stories 2016.03.23 - 2016.04.25 Pier 12 Rocket Ski Surfer
12 Field Sports 2016.05.14 - 2016.06.12 Residential Area Mini Soccer Balls Quarterback
13 Family Vacation 2016.06.29 - 2016.08.01 The Pyramids Kite Ski Vacationer
14 Minion Games 2016.08.10 - 2016.09.11 Minion Beach Flippers Dancer
15 Mower Minions 2016.09.21 - 2016.10.17 Residential Area Minion Mower Maid
16 Haunted Hustle 2016.10.17 - 2016.11.21 Halloween Residential Area UFO Firefighter
17 Piggy Power 2016.12.07 - 2017.01.09 The Mall Shopping Cart Jogger Leotard
18 Hunting for Love 2017.02.01 - 2017.03.06 Minion Park Love Scooter Quarterback Athenian
19 Trip to the Theme Park 2017.03.15 - 2017.04.17 Super Silly Fun Land Airplane Tourist Skater
20 Bubble Gum Invasion Episode 1: Back to the 80's 2017.04.26 - 2017.05.22 Gru's Lab Fever Mode Firefighter Stereo
21 Episode 2: Operation Bubble Gum 2017.05.24 - 2017.06.26 Downtown Spy Fever Vacationer Disco
22 Episode 3: Attack of the Bubbles 2017.06.28 - 2017.07.31 Bratt's Lair Neon Fever Surfer Bratt's Workout
23 The Strike Saga Episode 1: Minions on Strike 2017.08.09 - 2017.08.27 Residential Area Angry Fever Striker
Island Hopper
Episode 2: Minion Vacation 2017.09.01 - 2017.09.17 Minion Beach Summer Fever Skater
Island Hopper
24 Episode 3: Showtime Minions 2017.09.20 - 2017.10.08 The Mall Stage Fever Cancan Dancer
Island Hopper
Episode 4: Good to Be Bad 2017.10.13 - 2017.10.30 Halloween Residential Area Haunted Fever Skater
Island Hopper
25 Episode 5: Minion Break 2017.11.01 - 2017.12.03 Prison Jailbird Fever Prisoner
Island Hopper
26 Seasonal Event Jolly Christmas 2017.12.06 - 2018.01.01 Holiday Lab Festive Fever Holiday Sweater
Island Hopper
27 New Year's Chase The Arctic Base Arctic Fever


  • In the first 22 missions, there was a minion costume as one of the prizes for completing a mission (it would be replaced by Tokens if the player had purchased/gained the costume before).
  • During "Piggy Power" until "Episode 3: Attack of the Bubbles", one can run the a mission for three laps; however, due to the negative feedback that three laps were too tedious to complete since the special items required skyrocketed as the stage became higher, the 3rd lap was removed as of August 2017.
  • Wedding Party was scheduled to be held since February 4th, 2015; however, it didn't started until the issue in the game was fixed in February 10th.
  • In the first two missions, there are introduction videos for each stages; however, in April Fool's Prank, there are only two clips for the mission, and it's the last mission with multiple mission introduction videos.
  • Locations after Vector's Fortress were introduced with updates with a mission and were the location where the mission were held.
  • In the mission Extreme Sports, no new prop was introduced; the props allowed to be used were those previously added, namely Snowboard, Skateboard, BMX Bike, and Minion Glider.
  • Since the Horror Night Party mission, it is also possible to collect an item in the Mega Minion, Fluffy Unicorn, and The Moon mini-games, and Blueprint is also introduced since this update and is given as one of the prizes for the mission. An item can also be collected while riding Gru's Rocket. In addition, there are also challenges for achieving certain goal in certain parts of the mission, and the player can be awarded with amounts of items as a reward, but it should be done in a run.
  • The missions are often related to the current event (such as festivals) or season at the time rather than the plot in the film and thus are non-canon.
  • Missions often kick off in Wednesdays.
  • Mower Minions is the first mission that is adapted from non-Despicable Me film content (its original work, Mower Minions is the mini-movie for The Secret Life of Pets); Piggy Power is the second one, adapted from the film Sing and one of the characters, Gunter, appears briefly in the introduction.
  • The Mower Minions mission was set to end in October 19, 2016; due to technical issue, however, the mission was stopped suddenly in October 17 and the next mission, Haunted Hustle, started in the same day.
  • For missions prior to the Piggy Power mission, once the player completed all the stages. There was a competition to collect the most items with prizes. With the Piggy Power mission, the Market was added, and players can complete multiple laps of the stages to earn more Market tickets. The number of items needed to complete the first lap was significantly lower than the number required for previous missions (for example, the last stage was 500 items, rather than 1,059); the higher laps acquire more items to be collected, but the prizes are more and rather valuable than previous laps.
  • Fever Mode is the first mini-game that wasn't categorized as a prop. It was a time-limited item and can be upgraded only in the market; before it, unused props can be stored in the inventory.


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