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  • The Universal Pictures logo makes a cameo on the screen in the Paradise Theater in the Mall.
  • It was confirmed by the developers that no content from the film Minions would be introduced in the game, because it is a spin-off film of the Despicable Me franchise. Though, the content from the film Sing was once used.
  • During the ride in Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem at Universal Studios, the riders enter an area very similar to the track of Gru's Lab, though there are slight differences, including the track being green and a cactus being present in some of the lanes.
  • In some Jelly Lab levels or stages in the missions, minions react in different ways depending the locations.
    • Previously, if you touch the minions in "choose your minion" page, they will react in different ways.
  • The various animations that will play whenever the minion crashes into an obstacle and gets hurt. Anong all reactions, those appear in all locations include:
    • Falling backwards and pouting
    • Falling on his face
    • Falling backwards, punching himself in the hand and screaming in pain
    • Falling backwards stumbling, all dazed looking
    • Being hit by a moving vehicle or other obstacle and thrown against to the screen
  • The main theme music played when minion rushes in the game, called Minion March, is the same music played during the scenes in the first Despicable Me when the Minions hurry to meet Gru. It is also played when the Minions steal the shrink ray from Vector. Part of it is also heard when the Minions crash into the mall entrance in Despicable Me 2.
  • The game's gameplay is very similar to games on handheld devices such as Temple Run and Subway Surfers.
  • The appearance of bosses in this game is hinted to the player by a sudden disappearance of obstacles and items in their path. The Villaintriloquist battle is an interesting case, it is the same green caterpillar mouth that leads to the rollercoaster section-the caterpillar mouth appearing after the minion turns at a fork leads to simply the rollercoaster, the caterpillar mouth appearing straight ahead leads to the Villaintriloquist.
  • It's unknown of how and why Vector would appear in the game as he was already stranded on the Moon at the end of the first Despicable Me film with no method of returning to Earth.
  • None of the locations added after the Jelly Lab update feature bapples nor location change forks.
  • Before the Jelly Lab update, going to either El Macho's Lair, Minion Beach, and The Mall, involved a cutscene showing the minion being abducted off the path.
  • Before the Jelly Lab update, there is a unique repeating background music for each eight locations (Gru's Lab, Residential Area, El Macho's Lair, Minion Beach, The Mall, Downtown, Anti-Villain League, Super Silly Fun Land) when minion stands still and is waiting for start in the main page. However, since the update till now, except Happy Gru, the music played in Gru's Lab, other seven theme songs almost have disappeared completely in the game.
  • The intro video has changed many times along with the game updates.
    • During the version 1.0.0 ~ 1.8.1, Dave goes into the Gru's Lab alone; the plot and the lab's layout often changes depending of the new content of the update (such as Halloween, Christmas, The Mall update, and Super Silly Fun Land update).
    • During the version 2.0.1 ~ 2.8.1, Dave goes into the Jelly Lab and is vacuumed by a tube and gone. In addtion, Paul dresses like Vacationer Minion instead of previously Worker Minion.
    • Since the version 3.0.0, Jerry appears and replaces a tall minion besides Dave; Carl also appears. During the fight of the Minions, Dave, Carl, and Jerry go into the Jelly Lab and fight for the rank (symbloizes the Minion Race) before they are vacuumed in a tube.
  • In response to the release of the film Sing, as of the version 4.2.0., the mission and the location The Mall are redesigned to the theme of the film.

History of Updates

As of version 1.6.0, players are able to upgrade every costume's special ability.

As of version 2.0.1, the update features a brand new Jelly Lab, which has become a new home base at the start of the game, that allows player to collect fruits from 8 locations to create the tastiest Jelly ever; some brand new costumes are also introduced, such as Jelly Jar Minion, Lucy Minion, and Disguised Minion.Like previous versions, the update also features some bug fixes and optimizations.

As of version 2.5.0, players can participate a new game mode called special mission. In this update, the first special mission was introduced, called Holiday Quest, and a new location, The Arctic Base, is also available. It is put before the Jelly Lab, but players can switch between both modes independently, and by collecting all (special) items players can get many prizes than normal events.

As of version 2.7.1 update, Carl minion was introduced; also, a new special mission April Fool's Prank, a new location Eduardo's House, and the new prop, the BMX Bike were also introduced in the game. Special mission trophies were introduced which replaced the removed bapple hunt, and players require to collect three Star daily instead of bapples.The update also features some bug fixes and optimizations. However, completed missions in Jelly Lab no longer allow players to collect free Tokens, as the run instantly stops, once again making tokens very rare and difficult items to collect without purchasing them with real money.

As of version 2.8.1., Jerry is also introduced as the third playable Minion.If players have both Carl and Jerry, then, including Dave, players can use either one of them during the game, changing to another one with 5,000 bananas and 15,000 bananas for the other one. The fourth special mission Spring Is Back! is introduced, and a new item known as the Minion Glider is featured.

As of version 3.0.1, daily and weekly events in the game have been removed and are replaced with a new independent game mode, minion races, and a new set of gadgets are introduced to use during the race. However, as many players complained about the upgraded power up became less useful (as only gadgets can be used in races), so some of the global events were put back and sometimes exist with races simultaneously. The fifth special mission was also introduced in the update.

As of version 3.4.0, Disco Minion is introduced and it can be unlocked only by a new currency Blueprint.

As of version 3.9.0, the game menu has a brand-new appearance and the player can filter the playable characters by some settings and show or hide costumes in the menu.

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