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By unlocking and using power-ups, minions can have better abilities.


Props are some special power-ups that are only available in certain locations, and they can be attained in special missions. If the player has no prop, they can buy one with tokens/bananas when playing. When using props, players can get more special items, bananas, and multipliers when participating in the special mission, and they can find three props for use during the run. After the mission, certain props are still available in those locations once the special mission has been held, which can still be used to gain bananas and multipliers.


The gadgets used in Minion Races are:


By using following currencies, players can update power-ups, make minions revive, or unlock certain costumes/minions in the game.

Other Items


  • Bananas x2 (each banana is counted twice)
  • Meters x2 (each meter is counted twice)
  • Jumps x2 (each jump is counted twice)
  • Seconds x2 (each second is counted twice)
  • Smashes x2 (each smash is counted twice)
  • Slides x2 (each slide is counted twice)
  • Multiplier Increases x2 (each multiplier increase is counted twice)
  • Special Areas x2 (each secret area visit or use of the slide is counted twice)
  • Battles x2 (each battle is counted twice)
  • Near-Misses x2 (each near-miss is counted twice)
  • Pick-ups x2 (each pick-up is counted twice)
  • Stars x2 (each star is counted twice)

Sometimes, perks of "x3", "x4", or even "x6" are also rarely available. Note that "x4" and "x6" perks are only available if the player used the golden skill "Double the effects of perks in locations where the Costume has 2 extra revives".