Minion Park
Minion park
Full Name Minion Park
Available Yes
Secret area Wedding Area

Minion Park is a location in Minion Rush released at the Valentine Special Mission in 2015, and it is the 12th permanent location in the game.


During the mission Wedding Party, the player must use 1 bar of energy to teleport to the Minion Park so as to complete tasks of the mission, but players are also allowed to play in this location at certain stages in the the Jelly Lab, and in some of the daily and weekly Events.

In Jelly Lab, it can be first unlocked after level 162 (during the Wedding Party, the first level of this location used to be level 24).

In the beginning of the run here, the Minion runs through the front gate and bumps into two minions havinga picnic, and eat their cake and beverage. Minions can jump over flower pots and smash an one-eyed minion in it, and dodge driving karts at their path. There are also other kinds of obstacles, such as decoration walls and falling wedding pillar decorations, and a secret area, where the Minion can find two Banana Vacuums to collect huge amount of bananas in the air, on the table, and the path in the square; the secret area can also be seen in Despicable Me 2 as a dancing square at Gru's wedding.

The Skateboard and Rollar Skates props are only available in the Minion Park.




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