Barrel of minion level up tokens

Minion level-up tokens seen in the Villain Lair

The Minion Level-Up Token is a currency in Minions Paradise.


Minions are upgradable in Minions Paradise since the update in March 15th, 2016. Upgrading the minion to Leveled Up Minions at the Minion Level-Up Building can raise the possibility to receive some rare items (even Doubloons), and in the upgrade, Minion level up tokens act as an important role.

The player can win these tokens by completing the plans by Professor Flux, but they are much rarer than Sand Dollars and Doubloons. If the player has no enough tokens to upgrade, one needs to spend lots of doubloons to do so.


  • Minion Level-Up Tokens are not directly purchasable, and they are mostly earned by completing master plans; though sometimes there are sale packs including the token.


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