Minion Rush Minion Launcher
The Minion Launcher is an item in Minion Rush. It is a large cannon that can appear in a gray color, as shown in the picture to the left, or a colorful red and other color mixture, depending on the location it is used in. Once Dr. Nefario gives the player the goal to purchase it, the Minion Launcher will be available for use. Unlike other items (excluding the new PX-41 item), when the player runs in a level, the Minion Launcher obviously will not appear. Instead, there will be a green button on the bottom of the screen at the beginning of each run telling the player that the Minion Launcher can be used if he/or she pays 500 Bananas.

If this is done, the Minion Rush will appear after the introduction scene and will blast the player a great distance ahead. Basically, the Minion Launcher's purpose is to give the player a head start. Much like with the PX-41, the Minion Launcher can only be upgraded by purchasing them with tokens. The player does not always have to pay 500 Bananas in order to use the Minion Launcher. A free use of the Minion Launcher can be awarded to the player after collecting their daily three Bapples and opening a barrel (which is no longer available). Nowadays, it can be earned by opening silver/golden prize pods. The Minion Launcher, along with the PX-41, Freeze RayMinion ShieldBanana Vacuum, and Banana Splitter is one of the few items that does not allow the player to tilt the screen in order to use. 


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Orange Level Cost
and Ability
200 Tokens
(+1,000 meters)
1,500 meters
400 Tokens
(+1,500 meters)
3,000 meters
550 Bananas
(+3,000 meters)
6,000 meters
1,000 Tokens
(+4,000 meters)
10,000 meters
1,950 Tokens
(+10,000 meters)
20,000 meters
Blue Level Cost
and Ability
2,000 Tokens
+750 meters per use
3,000 Tokens
(+750 meters)
+1,500 meters per use
5,000 Tokens
(+750 meters)
+2,250 meters per use
7,000 Tokens
(+750 meters)
+3,000 meters per use
8,000 Tokens
(+750 meters)
+3,750 meteres per use