Minion Beach
Despicable me minion rush new update 1
Full Name Minion Beach
Available Yes
Cost 100 Tokens (former)
Unlocked by

A x7 Despicable Score Multiplier (former)
unlocking the Jelly Machine for Gru's Lab (present)

Minion Beach is a location in Minion Rush and is the second accessible location in the game (previously fourth location released without Jelly Lab).

It can be unlocked by achieving x7 Despicable Score Multiplier or purchasing it for 100 tokens, thus it makes here the fifth location which can be unlocked by players. As of 2.0.1 update, it is the second area of the Jelly Lab and its first level is level 11. 


Minion Beach features obstacles such as moving ice cream carts, burning torches that must be rolled under, coolers that must be jumped over, split paths, slides, walls blocking the path, hammocks that must be rolled under etc. All Minions here will be dressed in bathing suits and will usually be found relaxing or walking around.

Minion Beach lacks both a boss and a secret area to date, however, there is an area that consists of three springs (one with a Banana Multiplier in front of it), which allow the player's Minion to slide down a long slide full of Bananas. When attempting to access another location, the player's Minion will take a spring into a large whirlpool before being warped to that particular location. 



Before the Jelly Lab update, there's a featured soundtrack played as background music in the home page in Minion Beach.


  • Some reactions for minions' fail are more seen in here and don't exist in some other locations.
    • Tripping on a hammock and groaning
    • Falling into a cooler and eating a watermelon inside
    • Being burned by a torch and flying off the path