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Mel Minion 01
Eye color Brown
Occupation Henchman

Felonius Gru
Lucy Wilde
Dr. Nefario
Margo Gru
Edith Gru
Agnes Gru
Dru Gru


Balthazar Bratt

Appearances Despicable Me 3

Mel is one of the Minions in Despicable Me 3. He also appeared in the Illumination Entertainment logo for the 2016 film Sing.


He is an one-eyed short minion with combed, half-bald and thick hair.


Despicable Me 3

Mel is the leader of the Minions in the film's storyline. Gru has retired from being a villain for years. Minions, however, want Gru doing to become a villain again as he has lost his job being an agent for the Anti-Villain League but Gru declines. So a rebellion against Gru, led by Mel, is formed, they decide to leave Gru for another possible villain; except Dave and Jerry, who just enter the lab after the performance for Gru family.

Mel and the Minions get tired of walking for the whole night, and still angry at Gru (especially when they run into Dru's butler, Fritz), so they chase after a pizza delivery guy to steal his food. However, they trespass into a TV studio which causes the police to chase after them. They decide to hide but end up on the set for a singing competition and start singing a song which they dub 'Papa Mama Loca Pipa'. The song is a hit with the judges and audience but get arrested soon after.

The Minions learn to rule out the prison. But soon, Mel realizes how much he misses and needs Gru, so the Minions create a plane so they can escape from the prison. They escape successfully when it was dark, but a Minion is left behind as he needs to wave light signals for the aircraft. Mel, who pilots the plane, sees Gru, Lucy and Dru, so the Minions follow them to the Hollywood and try to destroy Bratt's bubble-gum with their weapons. Eventually Bratt is defeated, though mostly without their help, so they go back with Gru family along with Dru.

After Lucy settles the girls and Gru calls the Minions and Dru to sleep, Mel with other Minions remove their dungarees and Dru drives Gru's Airship, which Gru's emblem is replaced by a "D", to "continue the family tradition".

Other Appearances

Minion Rush

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Minion Rush Mel
Full Name Mel
Available Yes
Cost 60 Mel Cards

Mel is the fourth runner in Despicable Me: Minion Rush, and he was first introduced in the update at August 9, 2017. Unlike the other three minions, his ability is not shown until he is unlocked by 60 Mel Cards.


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  • Mel is in the contact list of Gru's cellphone.


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