Mega Bomb
Mega bomb Launching
Astronaut Minion is launching a Mega Bomb
Type Explosive

Slowing down the minion and reducing the visibility for a moment


Minion Rush

Other info

A three-star offensive gadget
Affects all three minions in Minion Races

The Mega Bomb is a gadget which can be used in Minion Races in Despicable Me: Minion Rush. When equipping this gadget, the minion can launch a bomb to the other two minions, but the explosion will also affect the player's minion itself.

The gadget was a rare prize in winning streak of Gadget Mayhem! race, and now it can only be bought by real money, which can be found in Champion Bundle pack that contains 12 Mega Bombs and 12 Minion Jetpacks and costs $4.99.