Ready to take to the skies?
— Notice of the game
Mango toss

Mango Toss is a mini-game in Minions Paradise.


There's mango tree on a island; beside it is a big wooden box with some balloons.


In the beginning, two minions attempt to pick mangoes but they can't. So they go into the wooden box and float in the air.

It needs 9 minions to play the mini-game. The player needs to slide the screen to make the minion throw mangoes into the basket; some baskets are near and some are far, after all these baskets are full, some minions with floating balloons, also have baskets but they move around.

The more mangoes tossed in the higher the score, and it takes 5 minutes to play the mini-game again.


  • When the mini-game is played, some baskets scatter in the place; but when the time expires, they disappear instantly.

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