Lucy's Hang Glider
Lucy's Glider
Lucy's Purse/Hang Glider

Lucy Wilde

Type Gadget, Vehicle

Purse That Transforms Into A Hang Glider


Despicable Me 2

A hang glider is an unpowered flying apparatus for a single person, consisting of a frame with a fabric airfoil stretched over it. The operator is suspended from a harness below and controls flight by body movement.


The purse glider is a gadget used by Agent Lucy Wilde of the Anti-Villain League. The collapsible glider is stored in her purse and can be expanded with a push of a button. It contains jet thrusters which are also controlled by a button on the purse.


Despicable Me 2

While traveling to Australia via a commercial airliner, Agent Lucy Wilde realizes she is in love with Gru and decides she must get back to him. She jumps out of the plane and pushes a button on her purse, transforming it into a hang glider.

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