Rigs lotto numbers in your favor.
— The game description
Lotto sequencer

The Lotto Sequencer

The Lotto Sequencer is one of the villain stuffs in the mobile video game Minions Paradise.


In the update in May 2016, players can gain new villain stuffs by completing more master plans by Professor Flux. In addition to Earthquake Machine, there are three new villain stuffs, and the one unlocked after the Heat Ray is the Lotto Squencer.

Just like Earthquake Machine, the Lotto Sequencer can be unlocked by completing the master plan, and it can be placed in the island for decoration. Building components (hydraulic compressor, photovoltaic supercell, thermal battery, super collider, and electromagnetic field generator) by completing task can help Professor Flux to make the Heat Ray and the prize includes Minion Level-Up Token.

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