Level Location Objective 1st Fruit 2nd Fruit 3rd Fruit
291 The Volcano Commit Despicable Actions by smashing other Minions 50 95 130
292 The Volcano Run for time with the Banana Splitter 55s 1m 30s 2m 10s
293 The Volcano Run for time 3m 50s 6m 00s 8m 40s
294 The Volcano Fly for time on Gru's Rocket 40s 1m 00s 1m 15s
Jump over obstacles 60 80 120
295 ? Near-miss an obstacle 18 40 55
296 The Volcano Visit the Moon 3 5 7
297 El Macho's Lair Throw Pollo Locos at El Macho 4 8 14
298 The Volcano Run meters 4,700 7,000 9,000
299 The Volcano Run for time with the Minion Shield 55s 1m 30s 2m 20s
300 The Volcano Increase your Despicable Multiplier in a run 6 8 9
301 The Volcano Run meters with Banana Splitter 260 1,100 1,300
302 The Volcano Collect Bananas. Avoid jumping! 2,200 3,400 4,500
303 The Volcano Fly for time with Gru's Rocket 45s 1m 05s 1m 20s
304 The Volcano Visit a Secret Area 4 6 8
X4 Multiplier - Expert Gadget Pod (Pineapple Jelly Machine)
Preceded by
Area 21
List of Jelly Lab Levels
Area 22
Succeeded by
Area 23

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