Sweet liquid gold!
— The game description
Honeybee hive

Hoenybee Hive, the place to make honey

Honey is a resource made in Minions Paradise. It takes 2 hours to produce honey in the Honeybee Hive.


If fully unlocked, three minions can make three honey together. When they are working, it can be seen that one of the minions is collecting honey with a ladle while another one is eating honey in a jar, and the other minion is trying to get rid of a jar stuck on his hands.

Sometimes, the minion is too greedy and he goes under the hive and collect honey with his jar directly. So his co-worker knocks the hive and a swarm of bees chase him around, the minion screams and rush around and bump into the other minion, which makes the stuck jar leaves his hands.

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