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Type Movie Town
Location Los Angeles, California
Appearances Despicable Me 3
Hollywood was a location that appeared at Despicable Me 3, it has been attacked by Balthazar Bratt beacuse his show Evil Bratt was canceled by it and he get a revenges.


Despicable Me 3

After Balthazar Bratt kidnaps Agnes Gru, Edith Gru and Margo Gru, Bratt and Clive put them into the Giant Robot. Felonius Gru, Dru Gru and Lucy Wilde was in the airship beacuse they know the girls we're kidnapped by Bratt. Bratt's giant robot was start from the sea at nearby of beach in Hollywood, he not only attack beach, he also attacked the landlock areas. He shooted bubble gums around the city, and injured dozens. Dru saw the giant robot, and said he will send the city to the space soon. Bratt shots laser later, and killed dozens. Agnes Gru screamed, and Lucy Wilde we're heared so she jumped. Margo Gru saw Lucy, and The girls we're happy and screamed. Bratt just keep shooting the laser, and Minions saw the bubbles shot by Bratt. Later, Lucy got the girls and Lucky. Clive saw Gru and Dru so he screamed, later the giant robot we're damaged beacuse Gru shots the missiles. Unfortunately,giant robot woke up later, and Dru's airship we're damaged later beacuse Bratt sended Bratt Packs to the airship. Balthazar Bratt thinks they we're died so he said goodbye with Clive.

Unfortunately again, Gru fells and he was lie on the street. But Dru was entering the control areas of giant robot, Bratt wanted to shot laser to Gru so Dru was very scared. Luckily, Dru take the power lines so giant robot we're collapsed.

Bratt was survived by Clive was died. So Gru have a dance fight with Bratt. Bratt think Gru lose when the fight finish, but Gru stealed Sony Keytar and Bratt finally defeated.

Gru was find Dru later, but Dru was coming. Lucy Wilde, the girls and Lucky was coming near Gru and Dru later. But they heared the explosion at bubble, and all minions we're fall near Gru. Later, they all back to Gru's House include Dru Gru.

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