Holiday quest lifeguard

Lifeguard Minion collecting special items by Snowboard

The Holiday Quest was a mission which started on December 2014 and ended in the same month in Despicable Me: Minion Rush. By completing collections of specific items (Holiday decorations, Gifts, and Evil Minions), the player would receive prizes pods for perks, Tokens, prize pods, and after the player completed the mission, one would receive the Snowboarder.

A mini-game (or known as a prop) was also added, known as the Snowboard. The general structure of the mission was similar to the Jelly Lab, with three stages and 16 intermediate levels with more advanced prizes.

A new location, The Arctic Base, first appeared in this update, which is an actual location in the movie Despicable Me 2. The player can also run in the PX-Labs which is a secret area within the location.


  • The number of special items from higher parts and stages are not visble, if the player hasn't reached them yet. However, since the next mission, Wedding Party, the numbers can be seen.

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