As much as known to Felonius Gru, the Gru family consists of more than twenty-five members, starting from Charlotte and Léopold Gru.


  • Charlotte, Jack's mother
  • Léopold, Jack's father
  • Sarah, Francois' mother
  • Jack, Francois' father and Gru's great (x26) grandfather
  • Mathild, Francois' mother and Gru's great (x26) grandmother
  • François
  • Mareva
  • Ronald
  • William
  • Oliver
  • Elizabeth
  • Art
  • Lucy
  • Yolanda
  • Marcel
  • Abel
  • Antoinette
  • Little Pony
  • Charles
  • Jane
  • Helmut
  •  ? (unknown relative)
  • Madeleine
  • Henry Gru
  • John Gru
  • Joseph
  • Helen
  • Steven
  • Jeffrey Gru
  • Marlena Gru, Gru and Dru's mother; Robert's ex-wife.
  • Robert Gru, Gru and Dru's father; Marlena's (late or ex) husband.
  • Lucy Wilde, Gru's wife; Margo, Edith and Agnes' adoptive mother.
  • Felonius Gru
  • Dru Gru, Gru's twin brother and Margo, Edith and Agnes' adoptive uncle.
  • Margo Gru, Gru and Lucy's oldest adoptive daughter; Edith and Agnes' sister.
  • Edith Gru, Gru and Lucy's middle adoptive daughter; Margo and Agnes' sister.
  • Agnes Gru, Gru and Lucy's youngest adoptive daughter; Margo and Edith's sister.


Although very little is known about any members of the family, it is known that Marcel Gru was a werewolf, as shown in Gru Family Tree in Gru's House, and Ronald Gru was a pirate. It is also known that Felonius Gru is one of the direct descendants of Charlotte and Léopold Gru, and he is in the 6th generation.


  • The Gru Family Tree in Gru's house was not updated with the existence of Margo, Edith and Agnes, though later, they did it themselves and also drew a heart around Gru's face, indicating their love towards Gru.
  • Judging from the given names of the early ancestors in the family tree, Gru family is probably originated from French-speaking regions.


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