This article is about a rocket. For a power-up that appears in Despicable Me: Minion Rush, see Gru's Rocket (Minion Rush).

Gru's Rocket
Gru's Rocket in Despicable Me 1

Felonius Gru

Type Rocket

Despicable Me

Gru's Rocket is a large rocket that was used by Felonius Gru to steal the moon in Despicable Me.


Despicable Me

Gru plans to steal the Moon in response to the theft of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and after he gets enough capital, the Minions and Dr. Nefario start to build this rocket.

The rocket is launched from Gru's underground Lab. As the rocket lifts off, Vector uses the Squid Launcher to attach himself to the rocket and tries to attack Gru, but is unsuccessful. On the way, the rocket almost hits a floating minion who previously drank Anti-Gravity Serum.

When the rocket successfully reaches the Moon, Gru leaves the spacecraft and shrinks the Moon until it's small enough to grab by hand. As Gru celebrates his achievement, the recital ticket for his ex-adoptive daughters, Margo, Edith, and Agnes, floats out of his suit. Feeling guilty, Gru decides to go back to the Earth and watch the recital, so he hurries back in the rocket.

On his way, one of the rocket's boosters falls down to a playground and gets stuck in a roundabout, spinning it faster and faster, which makes the children cheer. Gru finds out that the rocket is going to hit the dance hall, so he uses his rocket's parachute brake, and it eventually stops in front of the recital hall.

The rocket resembles the Mercury space capsule due to its silvery, conical appearance.