The Golden Tickets are a kind of special item that were introduced following the release of the Mower Minions Special Mission in Despicable Me: Minion Rush as of version 4.0.0. It is the fifth and one of the premium currencies in the game.

Players can earn golden tickets by opening Costume Improver Prize Pods, which they can be earned by directly purchasing them or by collecting all fruits of a jelly machine in higher Jelly Lab levels. A golden ticket can be (and only) used to a costume, if the player has collected enough tickets and unlock the costume's ability (known as golden skill), the user can activate the Ticket Shredder to convert the remaining ticket(s) to golden dust, which can be converted to another ticket if enough is collected.

The golden ticket can give certain costumes for more ability, for example, if Boxer Minion's golden ability is unlocked, its abilty can be upgraded to making all power-ups last 32 seconds longer if it is also upgraded to the highest level, even longer than a fully upgraded Lucy Minion. Compared to the Blueprint, the golden ticket is much easier to unlock for the costume's additional ability, golden skill, though the ticket of costumes the player hasn't owned yet may also spawn; these tickets can't be shredded or converted to other uses.

Characters with Golden Skills



  • A series of numbers, 230010, are written on the ticket. They also appear on the Market Ticket.

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