Minion Rush Golden Shield

The Golden Shield is an item in Minion Rush. It bears the same appearance as the Minion Shield, except that it has a golden coloring. Unlike other items, this item is not given in a goal by Dr. Nefario to be purchased. Instead, to purchase it, one must pay 1,200 Tokens. Afterwards, it will spawn randomly during runs, replacing the original Minion Shield.

Unlike the Minion Shield, which protects the player's Minion for up to one hit for a limited time, if the player's Minion collects the Golden Shield, they will be surrounded with a shield that is indestructible for a limited time. Therefore, the player's Minion is invincible (except falling into void) and cannot fail any run by hitting an obstacle if the shield is active. The Golden Shield is an additional ability of the Minion Shield, so the upgrades of the Minion Shield is applied to it.