Minion Rush Golden Prize Pod

The Golden Prize Pod is an item in Minion Rush, and is one of the three special "golden" items in the game (the others being the Golden Banana and Golden Shield). It bears the same appearance as Silver Prize Pod earned from collecting three Bapples during a daily event, however, it has a copper/golden color instead of the regular gray color. Unlike the silver ones, the Golden Prize Pod does not appear after collecting three Bapples, can be found in the shop (classified as an item), and can be bought for 25 tokens (currently 50). Once bought, it can be opened immediately.

The main purpose of the Golden Prize Pod is that purchasing and opening one can increase the chance of earning rare items such as Puzzle Pieces and trophies. However, as mentioned above, the downside of purchasing this item is that it can only be bought using tokens, which are also very difficult items to collect regularly (without paying for them with real money). 


  • After all puzzle pieces are collected, the main prize from golden prize pods would be Claw Saver, which is a free-revival perk that can continue playing the game in a run.

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