Freeze Ray
Gru takes aim with the freeze ray in Despicable Me 2.

Dr. Nefario


Felonius Gru
Dr. Nefario

Type Gun

Instantaneously freezes any target.


Despicable Me
Despicable Me 2
Minions (film)

The freeze ray is Felonius Gru's signature weapon. As its name implies, the freeze ray, when fired, projects a ray that instanteously freezes whatever the beam hits on contact.                         


Despicable Me

Gru is first seen utilizing the freeze ray to freeze everybody in a coffee shop, in order to bypass a line and get his coffee quickly. He later freezes Vector's head in jealous fit after finding out the latter is responsible for stealing the Pyramid of Giza. Edith and Agnes later used it on Gru while he is holding a teleconference with Mr. Perkins.

Despicable Me 2

When Anti-Villain League agent Lucy Wilde appears to escort Gru to the AVL's headquarters, he attempts to freeze her. She counters with a Flamethrower and proceeds to take him by force with a Lipstick Taser. Later Gru uses it to freeze Antonio, Margo's crush, after he broke her heart. In the final battle against the PX-41 mutated El Macho, Gru freezes his adversary's arms in an attempt to stall the giant villain.


The freeze ray was first invented by a young Dr. Nefario, which was showcasing the weapon at the Villain Con. At the end of the plot, a young Gru freezes Scarlet and Herb Overkill, right before running off with the Queen's crown with a little Kyle in the flying scooter.

Appearance in Other Media

The Freeze Ray is a usable item in the game Minion Rush.



  • This is one of the two weapons that appeared in first two movies. The other is the Fart Gun.


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