Freeze Ray Rush
The Freeze Ray is an item in Minion Rush. It is can be purchased once Dr. Nefario gives them the goal to purchase it. Afterwards, the item will appear randomly throughout each run. When it is picked up, the player's Minion will constantly shoot blasts from the ray, which freeze any obstacle blocking the player's path. The player's Minion can then safely smash through the frozen obstacles, increasing the Despicable Bonus with each smash.

This is one of the quickest and simplest ways to pass a Despicable Bonus goal. Also, any Minions who are using or on an obstacle before it is frozen, will be wiped out (Despicable Bonus) if their obstacle is frozen. The Hunter outfit upgrades the Freeze Ray to be able to destroy objects instantaneously when the ray hits, making the player receive more Despicable Bonuses since they no longer must crash into the frozen obstacles. 



  • The Freeze Ray will stop working when the player's Minion gets close to a secret/special area or a slide in their location. In earlier versions of Minion Rush, the Freeze Ray would disappear, but in the current version the freeze ray is merely disabled until the end of the area or slide, unless the player picks up another power-up.
  • Items that are frozen can still be jumped over or slid under, which can be useful for passing levels in the Jelly Lab.
  • It is not possible to Near Miss a frozen item, so in Jelly Lab missions that require having a certain number of near misses, the player should avoid picking up the freeze ray.
  • If the player slides under a frozen item, the minion actually slides rather than rolling.
  • The Maid Minion costume increases the chances of finding a Freeze Ray. Several costumes extend the duration of the Freeze Ray, including Jerry's Beekeeper Hat.


  • With the first row of upgrades the duration of the Freeze Ray can be increased to a total of 18 seconds.
  • The second row of upgrades adds a Despicable Score Multiplier bonus of 1x per upgrade level after each use.

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