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DM3 - Freedonia
Type Island
Location Unknown
Appearances Despicable Me 3

Freedonia is an island country where Dru Gru lives in Despicable Me 3, and Robert Gru built the Mansion on the island. After knowing the existence of Dru Gru, Felonius Gru takes his family to visit Freedonia to meet Dru.


Freedonia has a Mediterranean appearance, though the inhabitants speak English, they wear German clothing and have German writing as tradition. During the Gru family's visit, Freedonians are having a Cheese Festival, where there are bustling market stalls of candy and crowded celebration activities, people wear traditional dress with young boys and girls having a cheese dance as part of betrothal; there are also cheese statues for celebration.

Unlike the police in Gru's neighborhood, the Freedonian police are harsh on crime, as revealed when a police chase quickly ensued after Dru stole candy; although, instead of police cars, they ride bikes or pigs to chase after Gru. The Freedonians are also very tied to the past and tradition, as Niko's Mother shows by cursing Margo when she turns down the betrothal proposed by Niko. However, most Freedonians seems to be skeptical about legends, such as existence of unicorns.

Notable Places

  • Dru's Mansion, the place where Robert Gru raised his son Dru. There is a large hog population living within, being Gru family's business as cover of Robert's villainy.
  • Tipsy Unicorn, where Agnes is convinced that she can find a unicorn.


  • The actual location of Freedonia may be in upper Italy around Tyrole judging from the culture.
  • The shape of Freedonian island resembles a pig head.
  • Felonius Gru has descent 55.7% of Freedonian.


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