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Pollito's first appearance
Gender Male[1]

Despicable Me 2

Pollito is Eduardo's pet chicken and the secondary antagonist of the film. In Spanish, it literally means "Little Chicken".


According to Eduardo, Pollito is usually very friendly, but if he recognizes intruders he can be very offensive. After his first meeting with Gru and Lucy, he often attacked and glared at them.



Pollito as a chick

Eduardo apparently kept Pollito ever since he was a chick, as shown in picture the restaurant owner keeps in the Salsa & Salsa kitchen. 


Despicable Me 2

When Lucy and Gru break into the Salsa & Salsa restaurant, Gru accidentally trips a wire which caused Pollito to come out. But Lucy and Gru don't think that the chicken is much of a threat. As Gru started insulting Pollito stating that the chicken is not so much of a guard dog, the chicken attacks and pecks the Gru's face. Lucy stops Pollito by shooting him with epoxy.

After the rough night Pollito recognizes Gru when he is at the restaurant picking up Margo. Polito immediately tries to attack, though Eduardo stops him. Instead of attacking, Pollito glares at Gru.

Polito is seen again when she spots Lucy at Eduardo's party, but instead of attacking Lucy he tries to get her purse. With help from Pollito, Eduardo finds out that Gru and Lucy work for the Anti-Villain League.

The revenge

"I Really Hate That Chicken"

After defeating El Macho at the lair, Gru is trying to untie Lucy from El Macho's rocket, but Pollito presses the button that activates the rocket. This leads to Gru grumbling, "I really hate that chicken."

It is unknown what happens to Pollito after this master is arrested.



  • During his first fight with Gru, Polito snuck into Gru's shirt, threw Gru onto a table and burst through the ex-villain's sweater. This may be a reference to the chestburster scene in the science fiction horror film Alien.


  1. Eduardo refers to the chicken as a "he" multiple times in Despicable Me 2.


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